Posted by: Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | 04/05/2010

Blog Post #8 -Late

Annoying 1950s Cartoons, or How Justin Used to Love Such Things.

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So, I’m 3 weeks late. I’m surprised someone actually reads my stuff. XD I thought the constant ramblings on about Japanese Animation would push others away. On to the blog. Two weeks ago when I should’ve been writing this blog, we were watching older 1950s cartoons, namely Rocky and Bullwinkle. I remember growing up to these shows, and laughing at its comedy. What I remembered most about the day we watched it in class was me groaning at the cartoon.

It was that moment of realization that something funny went stale.

Rocky and Bullwinkle was good for its time. And probably for its audience. The adults can finally laugh a bit, watch caricatures of the enemy fumble and make mistakes, as well as be beaten by undoubtedly American characters (I thought the Moose was a Canadian animal…) and catch the little jokes and references here and there. The animation was annoyingly choppy. Someone who is used to the Japanese style of Animation, where even limited animation techniques (to be covered in Blog Post #10) was much more flowy and smoother.

An old cartoon that I used to enjoy as a kid but now barely managed to watch an episode posted on youtube was Roger Ramjet.

It brings back memories. But there are so many horrible jokes and references. 20 Atom Bombs for 20 Seconds? That seems degrading and making fun of the actual destructive power of the weapons. Since the villains just ended up surviving. Another comment I found from youtube or some other site was that Roger was practically taking steroids and popping pills whenever he needed to. I can see that. Popeye at least promoted healthy eating via Spinach being his powerup, but a small white pill for Roger.

And that’s really all I can say for that. It was an unbearable experience to try and rewatch these cartoons.


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