Posted by: Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | 04/18/2010

Blog Post #11 – Late

Animals and How They Routinely Steal The Show; or How Justin Thinks Miko Was The ONLY Redeeming Feature From Pocahontas

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Another late post. I’m falling behind. But anyways. It seems the class already figured this one out. Disney is very good with their animals, but not their people. I’ve heard that Belle from The Beauty and the Beast was an acceptable exception, but in many of its movies, Disney always did well with animals.

Let’s take for example, Miko. THE ONLY redeeming feature of the movie Pocahontas. He stole every scene he was in (including half of Jamestown) and was able to express a lot of his character without being able to speak.  The other animals, the hummingbirds and the pitbull, seemed more like sidekicks when compared to Miko, but important ones at that. What didn’t seem natural was that the pitbull would easily change like that in the end. But I guess it’s Disney.

Other movies make use of animals to be great characters. An American Tail, Finding Nemo, and numerous other movies. There is also a series of animated shorts called ‘There She Is’, done by a Korean team and becoming a hit back int 2004.

Even without any real features, and even without any of the visual cues, we can sense what the characters featured are feeling and what they’re trying to convey to each other and the audience.

I’m not entirely sure why animals are better than humans when being animated. I guess it’s because they use body language and expressions rather than words to try and explain their intentions, and animators can draw that to their advantage, enriching the story and entertaining all of us.

Also, Miko must have a strong belly, able to eat hardtack and like it. :/


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