Posted by: Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | 05/02/2010

Blog Post # 13

Oh The Places you Will Go; That’s a Wrap or Justin’s somewhat public statement on Animation, its future, and its past…maybe.

-also known as Justin’s last possible rant-

-more after the jump-

My God, where the heck did the semester go?

Anyways, my last late blog post. My last blog post in general. But this blog may be re-purposed into something more. Or nothing at all, kept for good old times. But anyways, the future of animation seems bright. If anythign to prove it, past the overly commercialized shows that air on networks like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, Animation isn’t a wholy American form of media. The shorts we watched last Tuesday and Thursday allude to the future of animation. Small, innovative ideas, coupled with impressive storytelling and rehashing of old techniques. There is also the whole innovative drive that produced films such as Avatar and the likes.

In short, this is probably going to be a slightly off-track post. If this blog gets re-purposed, it’ll be focusing more on politics or the like. So in that, I guess I should go back to some of the more memorable pieces of animation I actually devoted time to.

Avatar: I still say it just looks pretty. I will unrepentantly side with the humans, and await a more realistic sequel where the U.S. Military or a U.N./N.A.T.O. task force of starships return, bombard known pockets of resistance after setting up orbital stations, and return en-masse to mine the critically needed unobtanium.

Bad Apple!!: I touched off on two animation techniques with this post. Bad Apple!! was a pleasurable display of ingenuity in its already original video, employing computer generated shadow art to seamlessly turn into a character in the overall Touhou-project series. The stop-motion, flip-book style added horizontal and vertical references by either placing it within a backdrop of a room, black tabletop, or on a cutting/modeling grid, thereby enhancing the overall feel. A sign that animators will always look at old ideas with a new and interesting perspective.

Kino no Tabi: A favorite, the series wouldn’t feel out of place in a psychology or sociology class, and some actually can fit in with Government classes. Besides providing entertainment, Animation provides also a sort of commentary on modern issues. Starting with the earlier filmmakers focusing on modern life, Kino no Tabi and other animated works like it, either through subtle or direct means, comment on a whole host of issues, both common issues and philosophical, deep thinking ones. And the beauty of it is, it still entertains.

Well, those posts were what I considered the best. The rest would build from those four in terms of their themes and concepts, and there is my interesting series of Anime in views of Industry, Ethics, and Fan Base. But for now, it be 0118EST. I best be hitting the hay.

Quite anticlimactic for such a honorable blog post. But I guess I can make it up with the self evaluations.

I tried for looking for any memorable quotes. But I guess I’ll rip this one from my GOVT 327 Blog

“What’s next for me over that horizon that we call ‘future?’ “

Happy Trails Folks.


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