This is Justin Pangilinan’s HIST 389: History of Animation Blog. Any opinions expressed by Justin (Jusuchin) and commenters are theirs. Any offensive, over the top, spammy, or similar comments will be deleted. Those who are not part of the class but respond anyways will be held in the same standards of the class in terms of comments, so it is in your best interest not to. (Added because friends were shown this blog)


Justin Pangilinan, known as Jusuchin online, is a third-year student at George Mason University. His chosen major is Government and International Politics (concentration in International Politics) with a minor in History. He is a fan of Japanese Anime and often watches series with an emphasis on plot and character development and somewhat stays away from what is considered ‘mainstream’ or popular in the United States. An avid follower in domestic and world events and politics, he is likely to engage in some political commentary when blogging about something if said commentary is proper to the subject. As such, do not be offended if views expressed by the author goes against your political beliefs, whatever they be. Learning that not everyone will be sharing your same views on the world is a part of life.

That being said, this is ze required blog for ze class.

Header Image: Puppy sleeping under a boonie cover and M4 Carbine w/ attached M203 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher propped up against another M4 Carbine. Found at Murdoc Online and used with Murdoc’s Permission

Full Image + Link to original post: Stryker Puppy Grenadier


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